Hurricane & Flood Precaution

  • The Atlantic hurricane season is June 1 to November 30. The National Hurricane Center issues, when necessary, hurricane watches and warnings.
  • A “watch” means an area could experience hurricane effects within 36 hours. A “warning” means an area will experience hurricane effects within 24 hours.
  • Due to population density during the summer months, Ocean City may recommend evacuation (leaving the resort) before a hurricane watch is issued.
  • Ocean City has a specific hurricane evacuation plan in place just for students. You will be given instructions on when to evacuate, which may be up to 72 hours before the hurricane is expected to strike.
  • Leave your local housing immediately when evacuation orders are requested.
  • Go to the Convention Center on 41st Street & Coastal Highway. Buses will be waiting to take you out of the city.
  • Bring your documents (passport, DS-2019) with you. You will be permitted to take only one back-pack or carry-on with you, so please bring only the items that are necessary to you (prescriptions, change of clothes, laptop, and small electronics).
  • You will be instructed to leave your luggage at your rental unit or with your employer, because you cannot take it with you during the evacuation (you are permitted to take only a back-pack or small carry-on). Please make sure your luggage that is left behind is properly labeled with your identification clearly on it.
  • Evacuation orders will be issued over local radio and television stations, on the Internet at and on the local government access channel. Police and other emergency officials may also notify people.
  • Call your sponsor for assistance and concerns. Stay in touch with your family. Contact your sponsor and family before the arrival of the storm and let them know you will be evacuating Ocean City.
Ocean City has never received a direct hit from a hurricane. However, the resort must be prepared for any threat. For questions or concerns, call 410-723-6646. Click here to sign up to receive emergency alerts.


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