Protect Your Money & Documents

Protect Your Money – Open a Bank Account

To keep your money safe, you should open a bank account (checking or savings). Search different bank branches in the area to find “Free Student Accounts”.
  • DO NOT keep large sums of cash on your person or at your apartment
  • If you receive a debit card when opening a bank account, DO NOT give your PIN (personal identification number) to anyone, and keep your card in a safe place with you at all times!

Keep your documents safe

  • For identification purposes, you must have your passport or other photo ID with you at all times.
  • NEVER give your passport or documents to anyone (landlords/employers) to keep. It is illegal for anyone to take them for any reason.
  • Make a copy of your passport & documents and keep them in a very safe place.
  • Report your lost/stolen passport or documents immediately to the Ocean City Police Department and your sponsor.


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